Issue 25: Drumkit Samba

This is a simple rhythm to teach, and surprisingly effective. If you don’t have a set of samba instruments, try it anyway; just substitute other percussion. The rhythm patterns repeat over 8 counts;

Surdo (bass drums) plays on beats 1, 5 and 6

Repinique (like a snare drum without a snare) plays on 7 and 8

Tamborin (like a tamborine without rattles, played with a stick) plays on 3

Ganza (a shaker) plays on 1,2,3 and 5,6,7

Agogo bell (cowbell) plays on 2,4,6,8

To practice, start with the counting activity in Issue 21 to get everyone used to keeping a steady pulse.

Then allocate the instruments and practice the parts separately before layering them up together.

You can build it into a performance by creating an introduction, changing the sound by silencing and restarting different sections (get their attention, give the signal and count them in or out), and creating an ending.

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