Issue 31: Welcome to The Music Jungle

Here is the last issue for this term, as the Easter holidays will be just beginning when next Friday’s issue comes out.

I have to start with an apology; there was a mistake in one of the charts for the Kuku rhythms in issue 30. The corrected chart is here, and I have altered the original article so that it now has the correct chart.

I was looking for a version of “Pianists” from Carnival of the Animals, and came across this series of videos for all the movements, except “Wild Asses”. Please have a look at them; especially the pianists!

If you are looking for an end-of-term game, the “Magic Swamp” has proved very popular with my classes, at all ages. I just modify the difficulty according to how old the children are.

Finally, just in case you are beginning to think about what you might do in your music lessons next term (although I would hazard a guess that “The Olympics” is probably the most likely topic for everyone), there is a step-by-step, tried and tested, composition activity using Morse Code as a starting point.

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