Issue 33: Music in 5/4 time

With the Olympic Games looming large in my planning for the Summer Term’s lessons, my thoughts have turned to all things involving “5” for inspiration.

So, to start off, here are some suggestions for music to listen to, which all count 5 beats to the bar. The links are to the downloads available from Amazon. I havn’t entered into any commercial pact with Amazon (yet!); it’s just that I have fathomed out how to click here and there on their site to get their downloads. I expect you can get it all from itunes as well, but as I’m not an Apple person, that’s all a mystery to me.

The obvious choice is Dave Brubreck’s “Take 5” which I have already mentioned in “The Cup Game”. There are a massive number of mp3 downloads available from Amazon for around 70 pence here:

The Musical “Jesus Christ Superstar” has the song “Everything’s Allright” which is also in 5/4

The second movement of Tchaikovsky’s 6th Symphony is so lyrical and gentle that every child should have the chance to hear it at some time;

Mars, from Holst’s Planets Suite has a relentless ostinato rhythm. Again, there is a good choice of downloads from 59 pence;


Finally, If you have access to the A C Black Music Express scheme, there is a nice 5/4 track, at a gentle tempo, in their Year 3 unit “Dragon Scales” covering (pentatonic scales).







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