Issue 36: Changes to Singup Access

I came a bit of a cropper in a class music lesson the other week when I was unable to stream songs from the singup website as before. I had been under the impression that you would still be able to stream the songs, but no longer download them unless you were a paid up member in one of several categories. This is NOT THE CASE!

If you go to their membership page, you will be able to see how it works now. Roughly summarised,

“Friends” don’t have to pay, can access the site, and download 10 songs from a selection offered by Singup.

“Individuals” will soon be able to take out membership for £60, which gives them 12 downloads, 1000 streams, the opportunity to buy the magazine and increased access to the site.

“Schools / Organisation” membership is already available for £125 – £175 and offers more downloads, access, and a free magazine.

If you pay for membership, you can also buy more access.

While this is all getting sorted out, it is well worth checking what kind of access you have to the songs BEFORE going ahead and planning your lesson around a resource that might not actually be available when you need it!

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