Issue 37: Welcome to the Jungle

Hello everyone, everywhere!

I have been asked to create a list of equipment that I would like to have for the school music cupboard (“but we aren’t promising to buy EVERYTHING on your list”). That set me thinking, and here’s my list for Early years / Key Stage 1. My wish list for this school enters a world of dreams at the very first paragraph; that school doesn’t have a hall. We all troop over to the village hall next door, having first stopped off at the shed in the playground to collect the instruments that I think I will need. That is, if the instruments ARE in the shed; random selections may well have relocated themselves to another classroom, or the infant’s Outdoor Play Area. I have learned to check beforehand, otherwise I arrive at the hall to find all the C chime bars are missing, or I have got triangles, but no beaters in the triangle tray!

I have written up the next chapter in my adventures with the beginner recorder class and “Pease Pudding Hot”; writing our own music, and incidentally producing your own manuscript paper in a hurry.

Finally, the Olympic feature this week covers sports improvisations. I planned to illustrate the ideas with neat little icons for each sport clipped from the 2012 Olympic website, but then I read their copyright rules and changed my mind. They also have complicated statements about whether you can link to their site. Reading through the clauses was like trying to sight read a Bach fugue using a small print edition of the music. If you would like to have a look, search for london2012 on the internet.  


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