Issue 38: Olympic Activities for the Young

While trawling through the internet looking for inspirations for this week’s Olympic article, I tripped across this;

This is a veritable treasure-trove of ideas for Olympic activities for young children. If you are looking for printables and craft makes for your Keystage1 class, here you are! Half-way down the page we hit the “music idea” which I have copied and pasted here;

Activity #3: Movement & Music: It’s a Small World or The More We Get Together
Have the children pretend they are in the Olympic Games and walk or march around the room holding up the flag. Music is essential and a unifier! Here is:It’s a Small World(music & lyrics), or The More We Get Together great for 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 year olds (music & lyrics)

It’s a good activity for young children, but even better than their suggestion are the links they give for the music. This turns out to be the kids pages of the American National Institute for Environmental Health Science;

These song pages have a large number of songs, and, if you are using “Quicktime” as your media player (I’m not an “Apple” user, and I don’t use it) then you can get at the music as well.

Furthermore, browsing through the rest of the site, I have found it to be full of ideas for non-musical activities, and I have already thought of a brilliant way of using one of the as a starting point for composition the next time I am asked to incorporate “the environment” into my music lessons – but that’s another story.

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