Issue 39: Money – 7 beats in a bar

I guess everyone must know this, with its distinctive bass line. It came to mind the other day when I was teaching time signatures in a  Grade 5 theory lesson. The student said that they had had a long discussion in their Music Tech class over whether this piece is in 7/8 or 7/4.

I have no idea – I’ve never seen the sheet music. I just like the punchy sound.

There are definitely seven beats in every bar, quavers or crotchets, which makes it a possibility for some kind of counting activity in a music class; seven times table perhaps?

Having checked out the lyrics, I thought that they may be a little too “adult” to use in primary school lessons, even if the children do know all the words already. However, there are endless tracks available which don’t include the lyrics.

Trawling through the Amazon mp3 downloads, I was amused to find arrangements for string quartets, and celtic groups, and pianos.  My favourite odd-ball version has to be lullaby one – for the baby heavy rockers?  Seriously though, because the melody line is played by flutes and tinkly chime instruments, the bass line becomes much more prominent and easier to pick out.

Now that I have downloaded the track, all I have to do is think of ways to use it in the lessons. Movement? Create a cup game pattern?  A disturbingly distorted version of the “Rhythm Clock Activity”? Hmm. Watch this space.

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