Issue 41: Welcome to the Music Jungle

Half term at last – I think all music teachers everywhere view the break with mixed feelings. My first reaction is “what a relief! I could do with the break”, followed by a sinking heart at the thought of all my exam candidates having the same idea – Noooooooo! Keep practising! Don’t slack off now!          

They have all been so-o-o tired this week that I have felt very hard-hearted as I try cajoling, encouraging, persuading, motivating, energising them in their lessons to give me half an hour of decent attention and concentration. But June – the exam month – is upon us already.

Have the pianists all revised every scale and arpeggio that I have patiently taught them over the last few terms? Errrm – no. How about the theory pupils? The theory exam is in 16 days’ time – have they been doing a paper every week this term, as I have asked? Errrm – no!

Never mind – it is amazing how an imminent deadline concentrates the mind.

This week all the posts are links to other sites; an Olympic Music and Movement lesson plan on the theme of the Olympic torch; a link to the Ofsted report on Music teaching in schools, and where to find a brilliant download for changing the tempo of mp3 tracks, called Speedshifter, from the ABRSM.





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