Issue 46: Sun Arise – progress check

I mentioned a while ago that I had chosen this as the whole school song for the end of year music assembly at a local school.

It’s going well so far (touch wood, cross my fingers).

I have a group of children bonging out the bass notes of the chords on alto xylophones, and another group playing the drum/clave rhythm that you hear on all the recordings (I have got them to mutter the words “drum; stickydrum;stickydrum;stickydrum as they play, which produces the correct rhythm pattern).

We are doing it in D major (nice and easy for me to play on guitar) which means that the beginner recorders can manage the first line of the verses; A AA   A AA AB   A; and the more experienced players can play more, and maybe even all of the tune.

If I have time, I’ll get the violins involved; mostly open strings in order to reduce tuning difficulties.

All have to do now is learn the words properly myself.

And persuade one of the other members of staff (a brass player) to get to grips with my didgeridoo.

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