Issue 60: Welcome to The Jungle

Friday again. It’s been a mixed kind of week for me, for all sorts of reasons, but this photograph kind of summed it up in one image:


I took this photograph of the rainbow over the school playground as the last lesson finished and the children were getting ready to go home. The over-excited stampede of one hundred year 3 children in the cloakroom area  came to an abrupt halt when they spotted the rainbow. All thoughts of lunch boxes, coats, reading folders evaporated as they jostled and exclaimed of the brightness of the colours, the dark clouds, and the clearly visible second rainbow (sadly faded by the time I got out onto the playground).

So I finished this week with renewed hope for the week to come.

Meanwhile, I have assembled this week’s jungle, comprising a brilliant resource for traditional songs, complete with video and audio, another one-chord song, and some thoughts on being a natural learner.




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