Issue 61: Recording in music lessons

Technology is a wonderful thing, when it works. As in easy-to-use, reliable, fool-proof. Especially fool-proof!

I am lucky enough to have a laptop with a quite a good inbuilt microphone. This makes it easy to record bits of lessons without having to do much in the way of setting up. The little microphone icon sits on the desktop, so it is a simple matter to click on it, and I have also got a short-cut to the folder where microphone recording get saved to, for ease of playback.

Once the laptop is “up”, all I have to do is click on the icon and we are away. I save the recording as something quick, like 111, 112, 113,  etc in the lesson for speed. I then rename the files afterwards with the school and class and subject later while I can still remember what they are.

All children love hearing their music played back, and keeping the recordings, with notes on the context, provides a record of work.

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