Issue 64: Hello Children Everywhere

I have a three-CD set¬†of songs that I vividly remember from my youth. We listened to them on the Saturday morning radio programme¬†“Children’s Choice”.

My copy of the CD didn’t look like this, but I bet it is all the same songs. “You’re a pink toothbrush, I’m a blue toothbrush, have we met somewhere before?” and “The Runaway train” and “They’re changing the guards at Buckingham Palace” (sung with very dated accent; “They’re chenging the guards at Beckingham Pelece”)

Junior Choice Volume 1

If you don’t want to invest in the three-volume set, you will find many of the songs here. The children still love them, especially the “story” songs like “There once was an ugly duckling” and “The Emperor’s new clothes.” No music teacher’s library is complete without them!

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