Issue 71: Welcome to the Jungle

And a Happy New Year to everyone!

I’ve enjoyed a two week break from teaching, although I can’t say it has been a relaxing fortnight.

I’ve made my New Year’s Resolutions; neither of them very musical. One is to eat chocolate at least once a week, and another is to take at least one bag of goods to a charity shop every month in order to try and reduce the about of “stuff” in my home.¬†They are the same resolutions as last year; I managed to keep both, I think, although I’m not entirely sure about the decluttering one.

Maybe I should have set some kind of goals like “I will practise the piano for an hour a day”, but I KNOW it just won’t happen, and I think it is important that I should set myself up to be a success, rather than a failure. With my current commitments, an hour a week, even though I am a professional, working musician, would be a challenge.

So, as I said, I wish you all a Happy New Year, full of adventure and surprise and fun!

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