Issue 75: Welcome to the Jungle

As I mention in the pulse and rhythm post below, I have spent today assisting in a workshop for keystage 1 children. That made for a busy and exhausting Saturday – but reminded me of how much I love teaching. Nearly thirty children came, and managed to stay the course from 9:30pm to 3pm. We had a packed schedule; on reflection I am amazed at how much ground we covered in the time. We did listening, singing (actionssongs and also singing in two parts), drama, graphic scores, reading rhythms from notation, playing boomwhackers and assorted untuned percussion, games, composition, and a final performance to parents and family at the end. Oh, and we created a GIANT picture at the beginning; the course leader had the brilliant idea of setting out a sheet of lining paper and plenty of crayons so that the children could all draw animal pictures while listening to “Carnival of the Animals” while we were waiting for everyone to arrive. No wonder my eyes are closing even as I type!

So what I have found to share with you this week? Some Chinese New Year resources, a pulse and rhythm activity which I learned only today (thanks to my colleague!) and a new (and probably very impractical) way of composing  music. Here goes…



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