Issue 78: The Smithsonian Museum Resources

This amazing instrument seems to be a brilliant combination of Junk and Precision Engineering. Watch, listen (turn your sound on!) and marvel.

I apologise if you have come across this wonderful video already – but I only discovered it a week ago. However, on further investigation things may not be what they seem;

Oh well. I still enjoyed watching and listening!

However, in the course of searching on “Smithsonian” to try and track down more information about the machine, I discovered all these, genuine Smithsonian videos – a series of 5, using scientific and musical instruments from the collection: introduction to acoustics introduction to wave models  tuning forks  chladni plates   resonance

There are more, on sirens, resonators, wave models and all manner of things. Just search “SmithsonianAmHistory acoustics” on YouTube, and prepare to become lost in time and space.

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