Issue 78: Welcome to the Jungle

This week was half term for me. Usually that means a day of sleeping resting, a couple of days of frenetic house work, a day of planning, admin, paper work, and maybe half a day of teaching (exam candidates who suddenly realise that time is running out, and maybe a couple of instrumentalists who need an accompanist and plenty of rehearsal time).

It did not go as planned. The rest day, house work days, and planning/paperwork/admin days did not happen due to circumstances well within and well beyond my control. It was one of those weeks where events creep up and ambush you from all sides.

Now it is Sunday evening, the house is a mess, the planning/paperwork/admin hasn’t happened. I did, however, attempt to perform miracles and pull rabbits out of hats for half a dozen students on Friday morning. And, as of now, this week’s issue of the Music Jungle is here again! Two posts on very different YouTube video resources await you. I suggest you find some scrap paper, glue or sticky tape, pen and scissors before you continue.


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