Issue 83:New Djembe Rhythm from Ianto Thornber

I needed a replacement tamborim head, and contacted It was a bit of a random choice – I just searched the internet and chose this one as the most likely supplier to come up with what I wanted. So, I telephoned to discuss tamborims and fund myself talking to Ianto Thornber, author of my main source for djembe teaching, “The Djembe Guide”. That was a bit of a Wow!

picture copied from amazon website

He was able to source what I needed, and was very helpful, reasonably priced, and super-efficient. He also sent me a djembe rhythm, inspired by Hurricane Sandy, and permission to share it here on The Music Jungle. Thanks, Ianto!

Here’s his introduction to the piece:

If you like jabba jabba djembe you might also like thisĀ “wot” I wrote myself during Hurricane Sandy
It’s very easy with one part going, gets better with 2, and pretty wild with 3.
The parts are all the same, apart from the start point/phase shifting
It goes down well with lots of rattly shekere shakers to sound like rain, and you can have lots of storm related fun with the intensity going up and down.
It’s also a 6/8 but feels really easy.


and here’s the rhythm:

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