Issue 88: Welcome to the Jungle

Spring! Proper Spring weather! Yes, yes, I know the English have a reputation for being obsessed with the weather but that’s because we have so much of it. I lived in Indonesia and Singapore for a few years as a teenager, and found it very weird that you could just about set your watch by the rain when it was the monsoon season, or plan outings weeks in advance knowing that it would certainly be hot and sunny.

So this week I have been watching trees explode into leaf, flowers go from bud to over-blown in a matter of days… it has been quite an effort of will to keep my eyes on the road as I drive through the changing scenery.

As for the jungle – Boomwhackers, ABRSM Theory lessons, and the Game of Switch are the topics. If you can tear your eyes away from the azaleas and blossom on the fruit trees.

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