Issue 89: Rippling Rhythm

This fantastic 1930s dance tune is featured in the AC Black Music Publication “Elements: Listening to Music 5+”.


The book has been re-issued as part of the Music Express Series: I have no idea if the contents are the same as my well-worn copy, but if so, then it is worth considering even though it is quite expensive. (The original version is available second-hand for the price of 1p – the risk is that the CD may be very worn). I’ve used music and ideas from the book with every primary school class from Reception to Year 6.


You can hear the tune on Youtube:

and you can buy it as an mp3 download for pence.

I can’t believe anyone wouldn’t have a smile on their face while they listen to this tune! Do you really need ideas on how to use it in a lesson?

Pitch movement: Listen for the violin slide and follow it with your hands, or whole body, listen for the two-tone woodblock and nod your head when ever you hear it

Instrument Identification: What can you hear? How did they make the bubble sounds?

Musical Form: Make cards for each section of music, and arrange them in the right order

There’s three ideas for you without even trying.

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