Issue 90: Kodaly and Orff Music Teacher’s blog

I keep an eye on the Kodaly and Orff  Music Teacher’s blog, written by Suzanne Gonsalves, at because it has proved to be s source of good ideas and interesting posts.

The last two posts caught my eye; one is on ideas for planning the last half of the Summer term, which I had intended to flag up in time for readers to make use of before term began – sorry! – and one with a series of videos of Orff ensemble performances.

I am particularly interested in how effective the use of a melodic ostinato can be as a basis for the whole piece – something to add layers to, and build upon over time to add texture, timbre, and dynamics very simply but also very musically.

I could feel a huge envy coming over me at the sight of those beautiful bass wooden xylophone bars that several schools use. We have two, a C and G, at one of the school s I teach at, and they make a gorgeous sound.

The addition of standard percussion instruments is also worth noting. I like the use of pairs of boomwhackers, played by tapping them together, and one school has a great selection of wooden temple blocks.

I was inspired by listening to the performances, so I hope you enjoy them too.

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