Issue 91: Welcome to the Jungle

At last – I’m back on track with getting an issue of the Jungle up on time!

Yesterday I accompanied 14 music exams including two renditions (renderings?) of the dreaded “Promenade” from “Pictures at an Exhibition”.  I have fallen in love with the sound of the euphonium; there were two candidates among the random assortment of violins, trumpets, saxophones and a clarinet that I played for. What a glorious, mellow, warm, all-enveloping sound! One of them played “Voi che sapete” from the “Marriage of Figaro” – it was very hard to keep a straight face while accompanying that! It reminded me of the time I arranged “Silent Night” for the very, very young mixed brass ensemble


This week I have written posts on “Musical Oddities” (the bonus post promised for last week), Sight-reading skills, the early song “Sumer is i-cumen in” and “Jardins sous la pluie“. Have a good week!


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