Issue 98: Welcome to The Jungle

Summer time – heat – slowing down – time off – taking it easy

All these things are true of this week, which is why it is Tuesday and The Jungle has only just arrived. So, apologies if you are one of the subscribers who receive this on your Kindle. I’ll add in this quotation for free as a bonus…

“The mathematical sciences particularly exhibit order, symmetry and limitations; and these are the greatest forms of the beautiful”    Aristotle

I reckon you could swap the words “musical arts” for “mathematical sciences” and it would still hold true.

This week I have started a regime of serious technical practising to try and regain the fluency and facility that has seeped away through several months of very irregular playing. I’m also planning to visit Leith Hill Place sometime soon, and I have been fiddling about with my Kindle. And you can read all about it now!

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