Issue 100: Richard Meyrick on YouTube

Now here is a FIND, for everyone who hasn’t discovered these videos.

You may remember that I embarked upon a week of reacquainting myself with the piano earlier this month; a friend commented that Richard Meyrick’s exercises are also good. Here’s an example; in fact it is an exercise that I already. I was taught it in the context of learning awkward chords, but it is also very good for finger independence. I hadn’t thought of using different fingers in each hands at the same time – what a good idea!

Some time ago, he came and taught a master class at a local secondary school, and one of my pupils played “a work in progress” – Bach’s 2-Part Invention in B flat,  with some way to go before it could be considered to be a “performance”. Richard Meyrick was utterly charming, very helpful and encouraging. I wasn’t there at the master class, but learned a lot from what my pupil told me about the session.

Chopin’s G# minor Etude op 25 no 6, here I come! (But very slowly!)


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