Issue 103: Welcome to the Jungle

This week I had a nice surprise in my email in-box – a very welcome email of appreciation and thanks. It’s always great to get feedback.

Quick addition here – there are (as always!) a couple of typos. Comes of being in a rush and then ending up cross-eyed. I’d like to correct the ones in the articles on keyboards and chime bars, so have put the corrections in green.

I’ve produced a MONSTER issue this week, because once again the week has thrashed past me before I could get the Jungle updated.

So, savour it, take your time, don’t devour it all in one go!

Let’s see if I can remember what I have spent this afternoon writing…

Some thoughts about the start of the new year, a Benjamin Britten project called “Friday Afternoons” (I have just ordered a CD of the songs from Amazon!), a keyboard wider opportunities lesson and how I am going to tackle teaching them to read music, the same thing using chime bars, dealing with a chatty and tootling recorder class, and a reflection about teaching theory.

That’s six items, three for this week, and three for the week before which I missed. Well, if you are paying for The Music Jungle to be delivered on your Kindle, it’s a bit of a poor do if it doesn’t arrive.

Have a good week.

doo do-by doo sh


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