Issue 106: Little Boo

I’ve used this book time and time again in infant classes;

Little Boo title compressed

The story couldn’t be simpler; Preston Pig and Mr Wolf are playing “Hide and Seek”.

Little Boo hidden pigThey take turns to hide in different places;

Little Boo wolf searching compressed

with brilliantly expressive pictures and the absolute minimum of text.


Little Boo pig compressed

Little Boo end compressed I reckon this was £3.99 well-spent. Once we have read the book through a couple of times, I find that the children, whether they can read or not, are joining in with all the text. Preston Pig and Mr Wolf hide in bushes, water barrels, dustbins and wooden boxes. It is child’s play (pun intentional) to choose suitable instruments (shakers, wood blocks, metal instruments and drums), easy to play them at the right time for maximum effect, and a delight to record the performance and watch the children’s faces as you play it back to them.

I’ve just checked, and there are loads of Preston Pig books. This comes from the ones for the very youngest children – as you can see from the last picture it is aimed at 1-3 year-olds (don’t tell year 2!). For an older class, or for a longer project, I can recommend “Suddenly”, where Preston Pig goes about his business in happy ignorance of Mr Wolf’s attempts to catch (and eat?) him.

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