Issue 107: Welcome to the Jungle

Hello again!

There’s a theme running through this week – along the lines of “less is more”. It took me several years to grasp the idea, but children actually enjoy repetition, and don’t necessarily want or need to have everything new every lesson. They like to revisit old favourites, sing old songs, play old games over and over. This gives me the chance to consolidate their knowledge and build on known skills.

I remember when my own children were very young, how we would have the same bed-time story for days on end. When they were older, they loved to watch the same video-tapes (that is dating me!) of Thomas the Tank Engine, or Post Man Pat again and again.

Older children have their favourite music which they play on their iPods, or games on whatever platform they are currently using – repetition can be a positive and necessary experience and we should not be afraid to tap into it.

I have written about lessons that I have taught; another lesson in the series on pulse and rhythm for year 1 and 2 (children aged five and six), The first recorder lesson of the year for Year 3, and a Wider Opportunities keyboard lesson for year 3 (children aged around seven years old).

feeding the lions

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