Issue 108: Rememberance Sunday

If you are thinking of doing something for Rememberance Sunday, the Churches Together in Britain website has a powerpoint slide presentation which could be useful to you:

Here is the link;

and this is the download to look for:

Remembrance Sunday – Powerpoint of poppies (3.1 MB)
Please note: the photographs have a Creative Commons licence link to external website and can be freely shared if you adhere to the licence terms (see the final Powerpoint slide).

You could just watch the slides during a period of silence, or with appropriate background music; for example Barber’s Adagio or Schubert’s Quintet in C major second movement.

Or you could use them as a starting point for a composition… layering up textures and sounds to a climax, fading, growing, fading, contrasting different timbres and tempi…

"I hates singing!"

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