Christmas Issue 116: The Vegetable Orchestra

Well, I promised you a post everyday over Christmas. Today is Christmas Day, and food always plays a major part in the celebration of any joyful festival. With food in mind, I have been googling to find something to share with you today.

This is what I have found…


Just see what happens in Vienna!

I’ve been watching their second video about shopping for, preparing (that looks highly dangerous, I’m surprised the members of the orchestra still have all their fingers) and playing the instruments for a live concert in aid of the SOC (Spanish vegetable growers union)

I’m deeply impressed with the variety of percussion and vegetablewind (would that be the correct instrumental family?) of sounds that they can produce. You would expect a wide variety of rustling, tapping and drum sounds, but I had never heard a carrot-flute before.

When I put “vegetableorchestra” into google, I discovered that there is a London Vegetable Orchestra as well.

Their website    is a mine of information, and includes this photograph of a one-and-a-half octave carrot recorder;

London Vegetable Orchestra carrot recorder

The instruments have to be made fresh every day… naturally. Not an easy task. I might give it a go, if I get a spare couple of hours.



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