Christmas issue 116: Feast of St John the Evangelist

This isn’t exactly “music”, but fascinating all the same – (well, I found it so). It is a recording of the opening to the Gospel of St John, in Old English. So near, and so far from the English of today.

An extra post for today;

I remember hearing someone read the opening of Chaucer’s “Canterbury Tales” in the language of the day, and was surprised at how well I could understand the words when I heard them spoken.

Here’s the introduction to “A Clerk of Oxford”‘s post:

“Three Christmas Readings

 A little while ago I recorded several passages from the Old English translation of the Gospels, and I thought today I might post the three short extracts which relate to Christmas. The translation dates from the end of the tenth century, the version known as the West Saxon Gospels. It’s always a rewarding experience to read familiar texts in an unfamiliar language, so I hope you find these interesting – the recordings aren’t perfect, so please be forgiving of any mistakes!”
and here’s the link.


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