Issue 122: I Take My Tea Without Sugar

A colleague of mine has been using this song as a warm up to great effect. I found it an annoying song to begin withy, because the strong beats don’t fall in exactly the right places. However it has grown on me, and I rather enjoy the weirdly syncopated effect.To the tune of Camptown Races…

“I take my tea without sugar, sugar, sugar, I take my tea without sugar, S U G A R.

S U G A R, S U G A R, I take my tea without sugar, S U G A R.”

(You spell out the word “sugar” where I have put it in capitals)

So now what?

The first time she used it, (with years 3 and 4), we all clapped while spelling out the word ” S U G A R” once everyone knew the song. Then we sang it again, playing our instruments (djembes, as it happened) instead of clapping.

The second lesson, we revised the song, and this time took turns to clap each letter, going round the circle and trying to keep the rhythm of the song going.

Today will be lesson three. I wonder what she will do next? We could clap the letters without singing them, or maybe sing the whole song in our “thinking voice”, just clapping/playing the spellings together or in turn. I shall just have to wait and see.

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