Issue 122: Welcome to the Jungle

Rain. rain. More rain.

Reminds me of the time I did a body percussion rain composition with a year 1 and 2 class, one fine day back in the Summer, and to our astonishment we appeared to conjure up a real thunderstorm! That caused a certain amount of consternation, I can tell you!

I shall be setting off into a weather forecast of 90 mile-an-hour winds later this afternoon… should I load “Ride of the Valkyries” onto my mp3 player in readiness for a suitable soundtrack for my journey, I wonder?

Here’s this week’s issue. I wanted to get it up on Monday, but for some reason the website was very slow to load. If you were having problems then as well, I do apologise. The problem seems to have been fixed, I’m glad to say.

So, this week, I bring you creativity in a samba class, a new song “I take my tea without sugar, and a variation on the “pass the shaker” game.

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