Issue 124: Welcome to The Jungle

Hello again, and here we go, ready for the second half of term.

I’m immensely cheered by the sight of all the daffodils and other spring flowers appearing in the hedges as I whizz around the countryside from school to school. I experimented with a possible short-cut between two schools yesterday, but was sadly mislead – it was actually quite a bit longer, and through narrower, and more challenging little lanes than I had hoped, but I did get to enjoy some fresh views en route.

This week I have a calming, focussing game, ideas for the topic of “Spies”, and how it has enabled a class of children to learn to read and play from notation with greater fluency than I would have hoped for, and how I introduced this class to notation right back at the beginning.

Now it is time to pack up my ukulele and my recorder ready for this afternoon’s adventures. I’m hoping they haven’t entirely forgotten how to make chord “G” over the half-term break!

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