Issue 126: God be in my head

I’m directing a little village church choir throughout Lent with a view to them singing at a special service on Maundy Thursday (Thursday before Easter Sunday).

As I had no idea how many people were coming (we had a choir of seven at Christmas) and which parts they would sing, and how experienced they would be, this posed quite a challenge to choosing suitable music.

I found what I needed for Christmas in “Voiceworks Christmas” by OUP; a series that I turn to again and again.

For Easter, I have made a dead simple arrangement of “God be in my head”, cunning constructed so that the inner parts have enough of a tune to make them more memorable, and also so that the parts all help each other to find their starting notes.

In the end, fourteen people came, and we had this just about holding together, unaccompanied. That gave me a bit of a warm happy feeling.

God Be In My Head voices

So, if you are looking for a simple little anthem – maybe this will suit you too. You are welcome to use it – but please let me know, through the comments.

synchronised penguins working together

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