Issue 132: Minibeast Mayhem

I bought a set of resources for rhythm teaching in a sale at a bookshop recently Рthe best £2.50 I have spent in a long time.

It consisted of a set of press-out pictures of ladybirds, worms, butterflies, spiders, bees, and blanks. I’ve found a picture of the cards here:

and also here:

The backs of the cards have music notation; I think I would prefer to have crotchet and quaver, rather than quaver and semiquaver notes, but at my bargain price I’m not complaining.

It would be quite easy, I suppose, to get your own pictures and copy them and laminate them, and, in my mind, well worth the effort.

I’ve used them in a couple of infant classes already. So far I haven’t used the rhythm notation, but just used the words to create rhythmic patterns. The children have enjoyed creating patterns with the cards, and then clapping¬† the word rhythms, and playing them on instruments.

They are great for group work, where each child has a card and they arrange them in different orders. Or they go round finding someone with a different card and playing each other’s rhythms. Later we shall layer up the rhythms to produce more complex compositions.

You could choose another set of pictures to relate to a class topic. Sport? Castles? Animals?

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