Issue 133: Welcome to the Jungle

What happened? Where did June go?

I was swamped, I have to say, by school concerts, extra lessons, exam practices, and accompanying instrumental exams.

There were also a number of things, non-musical, that needed my full attention, with the result that the Jungle slipped well down the list of priorities.

I apologise if you have been visiting the site in the hope of finding something new. I’ve three posts up; Samba at the school fete, the Cup Song for ukuleles, and Improvisation at the keyboard (in the hope of make learning scales more interesting).

We are also keeping our fingers crossed that we have fixed the bandwidth issues that have been plaguing us. We have a better spam filter in place, and have taken down one post that was acting as a “spam-magnet”.

Oh, I found this on facebook and twitter this week; I loved it….

Thanks for coming back, and I hope you enjoy this week’s posts.

Great Wall of Chimebars

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