Issue 135: Video Games – Sheet Music

There are times when Bach, Beethoven, Brahms and Bartok just don’t meet the need.

I’ve have several pupils make their way through some downloaded sheet music for “Skyfall” to their great satisfaction. I have to say that I have not taken to the music myself, but along the way I’ve been able to reconcile myself to the endless repeated chords, limited harmony, and all the things I personally find irritating, by using the music and the pupil’s motivation to tackle technical skills, and finely nuanced musical interpretation as we go along.

Now, here’s an idea for next term; video game music! You can download official sheet music for Zelda, Pokémon, Super Mario at

It costs about £3.50 for each piece of music, and the good thing is that you can preview the first page to get an idea of the difficulty level before you go ahead and buy.

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