139: Learning their names

Once again I am facing class after class of brand new faces. Or worse still, faces I have been teaching for a couple of years already but am still having trouble remembering names.

I’m trying a new tactic this term. So far, so good!

I normally do most of my teaching with us all sitting in a circle on the floor (the teaching assistants who work with me on a regular basis have modified their choice of clothes for music lesson days!).

Yesterday, I sent all the children to stand against the back wall, and called them over in alphabetical order; “If your name begins with “A”, come and sit down”.

Although I hit a bit of a snag with the infants. There’s Hissing C and Curly C and then there’s Ch and Kicking K and “J” for John and “G” for George…..  Aaaargh ….. we got there in the end.

Then we played a name game – “Concentration” – and I made a real effort to try and remember half a dozen names.

I’ll just have to see if this method of learning names will work. Let’s see; 17 classes per week, 30 children per class, I make that in the region of 500+ names…. I really wish I hadn’t just done that sum.

Fun mje alafia F major

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