139: Welcome to The Jungle


I was on a two-day staff training event last week, with a lot of good input on the new music curriculum, assessment, and instrument specific sessions (keyboard and piano in my case)

My notebook is full of inspirational quotations, particularly from the excellent session on the curriculum delivered by Dr Ali Daubney. Here are two;

John Paynter (who was one of my professors when I was at York University) “making music is more important than music information”

Ken Robinson ….”recovering from your education for the rest of your life”

We also watched this Tedtalk; http://ed.ted.com/lessons/how-playing-an-instrument-benefits-your-brain-anita-Collins

Most Excellent!

This week, I have posted on Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, how to relax (!), and my cunning plan for trying to learn the names of all the children I teach. 

I leave you with this little warm-up; The words are as follows, with the ones in italics spoken in the rests.

Pease pudding hot (yes) Pease pudding Cold (no) Pease pudding in the pot nine days old (no)

Some like it hot (yes) Some like it cold (no) Some like it in the pot  nine days old (no)

Then “sing” it again in your “thinking voice”, just saying the “yes” and “no” out loud. It’s a great little pulse and rhythm game.

Pease Pudding for Descant Recorders

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