Issue 142: The BBC Ten Pieces DVD

Magical animation


Just get hold of it, and show it to your class on as big a screen as possible.

They will be spellbound.

Contemporary music performance

I issued my year 5 and 6 children with a clipboard, pencil and paper and asked them to make a note of anything they wanted to remember as they watched – this was partly to prevent them from interrupting to ask questions, and partly to prevent them from chatting, and partly so that they could record their impressions.

We only had time for the first five pieces; Mars from The Planets, In the Hall of the Mountain King, Night on a Bare Mountain, Short Ride on a Fast Machine, and Storm from Peter Grimes.

They were clamouring for “just one more”, even though it was break time.

Double basses

Guess what we will be doing next lesson! Then the fun will begin. Shall we create our own storm? Or another kind of machine? I’ll be downloading parts and lesson plans from the website

and making up my mind. Or maybe I’ll let the class choose…

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