Issue 146: My New Cajon

cajonWhat did you get for Christmas? Amongst other things, I got a cajon kit from Sela. Well, from my husband, actually, but he bought one made by Sela. It was a kind of a joint present, as he appeared to have a fine time making up the kit. It is so beautifully prepared, so perfectly finished, that the whole thing was assembled in about an hour and ready to play – no varnishing, no waiting for glue to dry, everything needful provided.

Learning point number 1; go easy, or you will bruise your hands. I’ve only bruised one hand so far. I’m trying to teach myself to be even handed, learning each groove with either left or right hand leading.

I watch a couple of YouTube tutorials and then go and have a little play until I reckon I’ve got it. Then on to the next video.

Quite where or when I’ll ever play it, outside the house, is another question. Someday, sometime, whenever. Meanwhile I’m just playing. In every sense of the word.

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