Issue 148: Making a Thunderstorm

Here’s another lesson emailed in from my “sick-bed”.

The same considerations as before; suitable for all classes in the primary school, easy to collect the resources and deliver, easy for me to type up and send in!

Thunderstorm Simulation

Short lesson: Watch the video, discuss, try and create the same sort of effect.

Longer lesson: collect up enough instruments for whole class (if using big wooden xylophones or wooden box drums, several children can share) and create same effect using instruments)

A choir creates a thunderstorm using only body percussion sounds.

Watch the video (1’48’’) maybe more than once

For discussion

  • how the sounds are made
  • grading of loudness of sounds
  • grouping of performers
  • role of conductor
  • how the performers know what to do, when to start, change or stop

 have a go at recreating the performance – teacher led

  • evaluate how it worked, what would make it better?
  • Try with different children conducting conductors
  • record and listen to your performance

 LONGER LESSON use a variety of instruments

  • Sort the instruments into groups for the different types of sounds.
  • Hand out instruments to groups, and try conducting a storm.
  • Did you manage to create the soft-louder-loud-softer-soft effect?
  • What do you have to do differently?
  • Try in smaller groups. Members of groups could take it in turns to be the conductor

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