Monday 11th May – ELEVENSES

yum yum; like Winnie the Pooh (the original, not the Disney version of course!) I do like a little smackeral of something in the middle of the morning.

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But this is not a post about cake or biscuits.

This is an extremely simple game that I learned from a year 6 boomwhackers class last week. The children stand in a ring, and, in turn, count up to three numbers at a time until someone is forced to say “11” and are OUT. Let me give an example;

Suppose Alex, Brian, Charlie, David, Elizabeth, Fiona, Gemma, Ian, John, Kieran, Louise, Megan and Naomi are standing in a circle. (And suppose the boys are determined to get the girls out, and vice versa, because that is apparently what usually happens)

Alex says “one two”. Brian says “three four five”. Charlie says “seven eight”. David thinks for a second and says “nine ten”, forcing Elizabeth to say “eleven” and be out. Now Fiona starts with “one”. Gemma is safe, whatever she says “two three four”, Ian adds “five six seven” John miscalculates (or maybe he doesn’t like Kieran!) and eight nine ten” and Kieran furiously mutters “eleven” and is out.

What has this to do with music? Instead of saying the numbers out loud, you play your instrument the number of times, etc once, twice or three times, instead saying he numbers.

So, the above game would have gone Alex tap-tap, Brian tap-tap-tap, Charlie tap-tap, David tap-tap, Elizabeth (and probably the whole class) “ELEVEN” and so on.

I was just going along with the class to fill in that last awkward five minutes before going-home-time on a Friday afternoon, but this is actually a very good little game. It will only work if the children are ALL paying attention, ALL keeping quiet when it is not their turn, ALL keeping count. Which is basically most of what a good music lesson needs; focus, awareness, listening.



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