12/100 I won a worm

No, not seriously (although I have just won a diary in an on-line competition…)

This game has nothing to do with music, as far as I can see, but fills in a spare few minutes at the end of a lesson. You could, of course, play “Don’t Clap This One Back“, but all my classes are too good at that game now.

It’s a circle game, a bit like Elevenses. Everyone stands up, in a circle.

The first person says “I one a worm”, or they can say “I one a worm, I two a worm”.

The second person can add one or two more “worms”, and then the third person follows on.

If you end up having to say “I ate (eight) a worm” you are out and the count starts again. For example:

First Person: “I one a worm, I two a worm”

Second Person; “I three a worm”

Fourth Person; “I four a worm, I five a worm”

Fifth Person; (who is standing next to someone they don’t like) “I six a worm, I seven a worm”

Sixth Person; “I ate a worm” is out and sits down.

Seventh Person; “I one a worm” and round you go, until there is a Last Person Standing.


I can’t find a picture of worms that I really like, so here’s some spaghetti instead.



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