42/100 From Chant to Samba (or Djembe)

There’s a great chant called H E L L O on www.singup.org. It has worked really well as a samba piece. The only problem is you have to be a paid-up member to access it.

BUT, if you are NOT a member, you won’t be able to get at it!

Let’s have a think. How about this?

Hello Samba Chant

Yup, for a first go, that will do nicely. I prefer the words to the Singup one, but this has got the rhythms I want.

So, Teach it as a “Listen-and-copy” chant “Look who’s coming here today” “Look who’s coming here today”¬†ect.

Then turn it into clapping, as in the leader (me!) claps each line and the children copy

Finally move it onto instruments; the leader (still me!) plays a line, the children copy it.

This makes a great introduction to your samba.

Once this intro is secure, allocate a lie to each section eg line 1 ganza (shakey shakey shakey shake); line 2 agogo (Hi-hi lo, hi-hi lo, maybe); line 3 surdo (low high low high) and line 4 to tamborim.

Straight after the intro, bring in each section in turn. Ah, did I mention you should make sure the STOP signal is properly understood before you set this samba rolling? Sorry!

I haven’t mentioned breaks and endings – see what the children come up with, or just introduce the “Don’t Play this one back” game as a break.

For djembe, it’s pretty much the same process – decide which words are tones or bass strokes and away you go,

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