62/100 My Piano Teaching Pack

This little bag (about A5 size) comes to all the piano lessons that I teach.


 And here is what lives inside:



  • A pair of castanets – for rhythm work
  • Some coloured pencils – for livening up notes in the practice books
  • Post it notes – for sticking temporary notes on the actual music pages because certain students don’t read their practice books
  • Small pair of folding scissors from a Chrsitmas cracker – for cutting up post-it notes to make “practice windows” (I’ll explain another time!)
  • Stickers – for sticking
  • Paul Harris Practice Starters – I use them as lesson starters
  • Dice – because you need them for some of the Practice Starters
  • Combined pencil sharpener and rubber, the type that collects the sharpenings (the red thing that looks like a rocket)
  • My favourite pencil – a wooden barrelled propelling pencil with a soft lead
  • A spare lead pencil “in case”
  • a glue stick – for sticking in bits of music or whatever.
  • blu-tac – not shown, because I have used the last little bit. I keep a small lump of it stuck into a corner of the pencil case.

The music underneath is there to show scale. My life has been SO MUCH simpler since I gathered this all up into a little bag. There is room for a metronome and a packet of tissues as well.

If you, too, are the sort of teacher who teaches here there and everywhere, I strongly recommend gathering these bits and pieces into one little bag.

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