77/100 Grade 1 sight reading – with flats

aliens on the keyboard

A while ago I posted up a page of short piano pieces in C major for sight reading practice.


The young student I gave them to rattled them all off to me in her piano lesson. This week, I took the sheet, and added flats here and there. For example, the judicious addition of a few E flats in the first piece means you can revise the problem of an E flat accidental at the beginning of a bar affecting subsequent Es in the rest of the bar.

This little lass is very keen on “colouring-in”, so together we coloured all the notes that would have to be played as flats once I had added the accidentals.

In the third piece, I was able to use flat and natural signs in the repeated Es in the third bar.

I’ve left her to choose where she adds flats in the last piece. It will be interesting to see and hear the result next week.

It makes some of the pieces sound a bit odd, but then I’ve always thought that the sight reading tests have a tendency to weirdness. Indeed, trucking on through the notes in spite of errors and surprises is one of the skills needed to cope with sight reading.

the snake keyboard

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