13/60 New Term, New Start, New Post

I vaguely remember stating that I would attempt to do 60 posts this year – but I appear to have had an unintended Music Jungle sabbatical for several months.

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Right – let’s do some sums; there are seventeen weeks left in this year before the start of the Christmas holidays. So, three or four posts per week should see me on my way to managing a total of 60. Let’s go!

I have signed my school up for http://www.classicfm.com/classical-100/full-list/ which is a list of 100 pieces of classical music that you can stream. It’s been around for years, but somehow I never got around to exploring it

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My new resolution for this coming term is to try and get the class teachers into a mindset of playing music to their classes every day, and this app might be just the way to encourage them. It has been developed by ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) and ClassicFM. You can select music by instruments, mood, period, nationality and other things that I can’t begin to remember. There’s a really good variety of old favourites and less well-known pieces; well worth a look. Or rather a listen.

Schools can register for unlimited access to Classical 100 at www.abrsm.org/classical100.


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