22/60 Finger Puppets

I have two – an elephant and a giraffe – and they usually get involved in piano lessons most days.

elephant and giraffe half size

Sometimes I wedge them on the keyboard to indicate where E and G are, and other times they sit as an encouragement while a young student plays, or an inducement (let’s have a go at “Flying” and then the elephant can come out and play).

Sometimes I hide them under my fingers as I play, making my fingers arch over the animal like a safe cave, to demonstrate a natural curved finger shape. My thumb is then like a door at the front of the cave.

I’d love to have complete set of finger puppets, maybe an Antelope, a Bear, a Cat, a Dog and a Fish, to keep company with Elephant and Giraffe. One for each note! If I had enough patience, I would knit myself a set. But I don’t.

Well, just maybe, my wish will be coming true… I’ve ordered a set of 10 finger puppets from Amazon costing a mere £1.83! How on earth can they make and pack and ship finger puppets across the world for less than £2? Obviously, in order to avoid paying postage I’ve had to find something else to buy for at least £8.17, but that wasn’t too hard.

I’m waiting hopefully for the puppet’s arrival in the next day or so – I’ll let you know what they are like.

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