31/60 Hoovering and Swooping


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When the children in the choir slide between every note in the song…

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It is quite hard to break them of this horrible habit. Every time there is a leap between two notes they slither from one to the next rather than moving cleanly.

“But we like it better that way” they chorus.

“Trust me, it doesn’t sound so good” is my harsh and uncompromising reply. It has taken a couple of weeks of careful work, singing the various pairs of pitches accurately and separately, indicating the pitch movement with my hand, getting them to copy the movement, and slowly reducing the empty space between the sounds until they are beginning (on the whole) to get the idea.

To give them their due, they have tried hard, and the improvement is tremendous in just a few weeks. Patience and Perseverance is the name of the game here. I feel a need to teach the “Elevator Song” again.

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