35/60 The finger puppets have arrived!

I posted a while ago that I had ordered some finger puppets.

It was over a month ago! I’m more used to deliveries taking a matter of days, rather than weeks, or even a month. I had pretty much given up hope, and at a cost of just a couple of pounds, was ready to write it off as a bad experience.

But, here they are!

As you can see, a young pupil (aged 5, third lesson) has arranged them on all the pairs of black notes on my piano

Finger puppets 1 finger puppets 2

and the cat and dog have snuggled up together on C and D.



finger puppets 2


I am SO pleased with them, that I shall order some more at once! The mouse’s pointy nose has made it very quick at sniffing out different note, with the pink elephant (pink? why not, if the hippo can be bright blue…) running a close second. How did I ever manage without them.

contrary motion divider


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